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        Our Reporting

        Delivering Real Value

        At TJX, our global corporate responsibility efforts are part of the fabric of who we are and reflect our core values of honesty, integrity, and treating each other with dignity and respect. We are proud of our accomplishments – both those achieved this year and in years past. At the same time, we recognize that corporate responsibility is a journey. We remain passionate about continuously improving our programs and working to make a positive, sustainable impact on the world. After all, we believe that the real value we bring to the world is as important as what we sell.

        To learn about our efforts, we invite you to explore our corporate responsibility microsite where you will find the most current and comprehensive information about our initiatives in our four corporate responsibility pillars:

        Corporate Responsibility Reports

        TJX 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report Summary

        Download our 2018 Corporate Responsibility Report Summary:


        In 2018, we participated in the CDP Climate Change Information Request for the ninth consecutive year and again delivered strong results, receiving a score of A-. You can view our full CDP response by registering on CDP's website.

        Global Reporting Initiative

        TJX provides an index of our corporate responsibility reporting mapped against the Global Reporting Initiative’s Sustainability Reporting Standards Framework. View our index.

        For more information on our corporate responsibility reporting, please contact Global Communications at 1-508-390-2323.